Here is how to deal with a quarter-life crisis yourself! In our 20s to 30s, we all face major changes in our life. That is the time when we jump from a teenager to a young adult and also we got a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes people can’t handle sudden changes and responsibility. What had they thought about how their life gonna be in their 20s? But it turns out to be wrong. So they became stressed, unmotivated, frustrated, etc. Because of it, they got into a quarter-life crisis.

Quarter-life crisis defined as “A period of insecurity, doubt, and disappointment surrounding your career, relationships, and financial situation.”

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How To Deal With Quarter-Life Crisis

  • Don’t let your degree define yourself

Many millennials become depressed about their grade. They build a mentality in their mind that they have bad grades in college, so they can’t do anything in life.

Basically people who depend on their degree and thought that degree is decided what they are? and what they can do? well, it is just crap. if you are also feeling like this then you are doing really stupid things.

Don’t let your degree define you. Many People use their degree as their crutch or identity or something. As if they don’t know that it is just a piece of paper. It can’t decide. What you can’t do or What you can’t be. There are many flaws in our education system. The school or college has its own parameter to measure a student. If you don’t fit on these parameters that don’t mean you can’t do anything. These parameters can’t measure your potential.

There are many famous people around the world who don’t give a crap about their degree. They do whatever they love to do. They follow their passion and became successful in life.

As Albert Einstein said,

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

  • Stop Comparing Yourself

You have to stop yourself from comparing to others. In many people, Comparing became a habit. First, you need to ditch your habit to the comparison. Comparison to others will only make you second guess every decision you’ve already semi-made. It’s totally OK that you will never be able to achieve someone else’s life.

Accept that there are many valid, satisfying ways to live your life and that just because your life doesn’t look the same as the life of the people you went to college with, doesn’t mean you are less than they are. “A flower doesn’t think of competing with other flowers. It Just gloom.” Everyone is unique and everyone’s life unique too. Find your own purpose and meaning in life.

“Comparison is act of violence AGAINST the self.”

  • Learn To Enjoy The Process

We have a habit that we are always looking far ahead and we don’t enjoy the pleasure of the present time or present process.

We always looking for the result and that’s why we can’t enjoy the process. The thing is that we’re trained or brainwashed since childhood to stay on the fast track and keep our eye on the prize (like I’ll happy when…) that most of our solutions just involve trying to spin the treadmill faster and faster, and we forget to allow ourselves to be happy at the moment.

Enjoy the present moment and appreciate it. Success is a journey, not a destination. How you get to your goal that matters the most. Doing is more important than the outcome. So Find enjoyment in the process and appreciate present. because this is the moment when you truly alive and conscious, not past nor the future. So appreciate this moment, whatever you do? Just enjoy your present self.

“Maybe It’s not about the happy ending. Maybe It’s about the story.”

  • Don’t Let Extreme Expectations Ruin You

Most of the cases you are stuck in a quarter-life crisis because of age. In your 16 or 17, you are making extreme expectations from yourself. When I become 24 or 30, I’ll accomplish this or I’ll do this and that…etc But when you didn’t get what your expectations were? Then you get depressed thinking about “I should be married by now. I should have my dream job by now or I should be making this amount of money by now.” because of this kind of thought in your mind create perfect environment to makes you feel disappointed, generate anxiety and soon you’ll lose confidence. So stop making extreme expectations.

Stop beating yourself up for these phantom accomplishments you were “supposed” to achieve. Good things take time if you didn’t get what you expect then you will be in the future. Don’t pressure yourself on this. if you want those things, you will get those things, because you will work for them. So give yourself a break, and let these extreme expectations go.

“Extreme expectations ended up worst disasters.”

  • Research

Knowledge Is The Most Powerful Weapon. So research and gain knowledge about the quarter-life crisis and How your life affected by it. You have to find your weakness. By doing that you can work on your weakness and overcome it. Find your strength that will make you more confident about yourself and your life. That way you can easily defeat your quarter-life crisis situation.

“The greatest ability to fight against stress is to choose one thought over another.”

  • Detox Your Mind

Stop multitasking and reduce your exposure to “noise” in life. Spend less time on social media. Because It destroys your ability to focus and reduce the will power. Limit the number of random things you lookup online. Cut out television that you don’t find genuinely edifying or inspiring. Stop feeding yourself anything garbage. Develop a habit of reading books. You can also start to do meditate.

Go on a walk and spend your time outside cause spending time outside has the power to invite encouragement, inspiration, and increased energy levels to your mind and body. It also improves overall physical and mental health, lowers stress levels, enhances the ability to concentrate, and quiets the mind. With this kind of power, getting outdoors may just be the best way to detox your mind.

“Don’t start your day with broken piece of yesterday. Every morning we wake up is the first day of The rest of our life.”

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