High school is almost over and it’s about time you start looking for a good college. At this point, it seems as if all your friends have it all figured out but you don’t seem to have the slightest clue about where to start. You soothe yourself by thinking ” Hey, this is my first time selecting a college!”, but we all know this is just an excuse.

You feel left out in conversations with your friends when they talk about selecting a college. So, here you are surfing the internet, searching for things like “How to select a college” or ” What is the best college for me?” only to get more confused.

If you relate to any of this, worry not! because you are not alone. Selecting a college can seem like a tough job for anyone but it has all been said and done. Now, I can’t just point to a college and say that is the best for you (Although, I do wish I could). But, what I can do is show you what parameters to look for while selecting a college.

So, here are 7 parameters to look out for while selecting a college

7 Parameters to look out for while selecting a college

Choosing a college is usually one of the first big decisions a person makes and this is one job nobody wants to mess up. Parents have high hopes for their children when it comes to selecting a college. But, you need to realize that at the end of the day it is your call where you want to attend colleges. Now, that there are so many amazing universities with almost equally big reputations, that it gets confusing which one you should select.

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1. Find out the available majors

It is essential for the university to have the subject you want to major in. However, it is also essential for the university to have other majors as well. Since you are going to be on the college campus for a few years, it is better to get into a college/university having multiple majors. You are going to hang out with a lot of people, it is better to have a diverse crowd around for you to open up. If you get confused between two colleges, it is advisable to opt for the one offering diverse courses.

2. The faculty and alumni network

Now, this is one of the major factors you need to look into. Does the college you are planning to attend, have enough teachers? What is the teacher-to-student ratio in that college? Can the professors provide you with enough support when required? All this information is available on the internet. Also, does your college have any notable alumni? It’s probably a no brainer if you are planning on getting into one of those Ivy League schools like Harvard.

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But, if you are selecting a college, you should check out the alumni network as well. A strong alumni network will be beneficial for you when you are looking for a job.

3. Exposure and internship opportunities

How many internship opportunities does the college provide? If you are going to major in a subject, then I’m pretty sure you will want to be able to work in the field. After all, almost everyone needs a job. Does the college provide enough internship opportunities for its students to learn on the job and grow?

Getting an internship will get you the skills you will require when you go out hunting for a job. Also, check if your college has any societies or clubs, or sports teams. College ensures that you do not get bored studying like you did in school. Things are different now and you have a great opportunity to learn something new or continue with things you are passionate about. For example, if you are interested in theatre, check if the college you are selecting has a drama club.

4. Location

Where is your college located? Is it located in the city you live in or is it in another city? If you want to commute from home and save on some cash you will be spending on living expenses then, you should look for colleges in your own city. If you want to live away from your parents to feel a sense of independence, then you should look for colleges outside the city. Colleges located in different regions will provide you with different experiences.

5. Traditions and Festivals

College is the time of the life everyone has sweet memories of. Like, I said before, you will be interacting with a variety of crowds when you go to college. This is what makes up for a whole college experience. It is better to check out if your college has any traditions or festivals on their campus. All those fests, parties, competitions, and sports events are going to be a major part of your college experience.

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6. Expenses and affordability

These include your college tuition fee, your living expenses if you are going to select a college in a different city. You will have to check with the hostels and how expensive it is to live in that city. If you are taking a loan, you will have to know your options.

7. Reputation and Accreditation

While selecting a college, make sure you review its accreditation. A degree from an accredited institution can go a long way when applying for jobs. Also, when you are selecting a college, and are confused between two, the reputation of the college can be considered as well. Reputed universities/colleges attract academically talented students. That is the crowd you want to be hanging around when your personality is being shaped.

These are some parameters you can look for while selecting a college. However, it will be easier for you if you research thoroughly and compare colleges based on these parameters. Talking to counselors can be helpful too, but make sure to see a good counselor when reaching out. You can also talk to your parents or teachers from school to help you out.

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