How to Stay Connected with Your Lover During Self Quarantine

Hello everyone. This quarantine season is never-ending whether it be lockdown by the government or a self-quarantine just because of the enormous spread of the Coronavirus. Here are the Top ways on How to stay connected with your lover during self quarantine without annoying them.

So it is better to stay at home until the graph flattens and the cases reduce to a minimum. But then arises the question of the meeting? How will you both meet?

Come on it isn’t necessary to meet when the pandemic is going on at full swing, at least not when the graph is going up. But you both might just stay connected with good communication and a will to do that. This is just a test for you both, that’s all. It is all about the real connection you have with them within.

stay connected with your lover

Top ways on how to stay connected with your lover during self quarantine

  • Don’t forget how far you have come

We all know these are the most difficult times, but you have to cope up and turn out victorious. You both have come this far, don’t take anything for granted, for now, you both know that everything might have gotten stronger since the lockdown started, just keep it steady now. If not then you need to fix things up soon, an effort is required timely. Stay committed to the goal of meeting in the future.

  • Make time for them

Here you have to make an effort for them, you have to keep communicating daily, fix a time for them, schedule a proper plan, or if you are busy then give too many small intervals to communicate, communication is the foundation pillar of a relation.

  • Text, Call, Chat, Use Social Media, stay connected with your lover

Text, call, chat, or use social media to contact them, stay in touch, watch old pictures, talk about the places you visited, talk about simply anything from past, present, or future, make sure not to bring any old arguments or the bad past while talking to them.

Send some good things on social media, send them their favorite stuff in their inbox, share music using Spotify, probably write a physical letter, though that is quite a big idea.

  • Show them Appreciation

All you have to do is tell them they matter to you, treat them special, show appraisal, prepare a gift list for them to gift later, appreciate their presence, write a few paragraphs on text to make them feel special, it is all about being there for each other at these difficult times which our world is facing.

  • Care for them

Always keep a check on them whether they are alright or whether everything is going alright, talk about stress and other things, discuss issues if there exists some solve them. Come on this is not a productivity contest, you all have to care for your loved ones too so that they won’t be ignored anyhow.

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