Hi there. Here are 5 positive effects of journaling. Are you in search of an effective stress management tool? Do you feel like talking to your friends about your problems is just not your thing? Or are you just a very private person who wishes to share their feelings with someone trustworthy? Then journaling might be just the thing for you.

Journaling has been regarded as a powerful stress-busting tool, especially for introverts since the beginning of time, moreover, it is cost free! Certified therapists actively encourage their patients to maintain a journal. It not only helps them to vent out their feelings but it also helps them track their progress.

Top 5 Positive effects of journaling you should know about

It doesn’t take very long to write things down in a journal. It’s easy and and ensures privacy(if you hide it properly). Journals come in all shapes and forms. You could easily download an app for it or just write everything down in your notes app.


If you do not want to keep it in digital format, you can simply write it in a diary in the old-fashioned way. In other words, your journal is YOUR personal space and you decide what you want it to look like. Also, it benefits you in ways more than one.

It reduces stress and anxiousness

Journaling can prove to be very liberating for some people. You can easily write down about what you feel without worrying about privacy. When you vent your feelings out, you feel lighter, as if some kind of weight has been lifted off your chest. Studies show that journaling helps people with anxiety as well.

It helps keep your thoughts organized

Sometimes things aren’t as complicated as they seem. When you pen down your situation in a journal, you get to review each and everything as a third person. It’s like talking to a person. You have to process what you are supposed to write down. When you will come down to writing down something that seems complicated, it will automatically simplify when you put it on paper.

It gives you clarity about your goals

Just as mentioned before, writing down your goals can help you achieve them as well. Of course, nothing will happen unless you take action. But, journaling is used as a medium to manifest goals and wishes by many people.

It improves your memory

Noting down things, tasks and events in your journal will help you remember things better. When it is down on paper or available to you in digital format, it will be available for you to review whenever you need. It can be used to keep track of ‘what-happened-when’ if you put dates on it.

It helps you improve your writing skills

Your writing skills improve when you write. While writing a journal, you are trying to pen down your feelings in a structured way. When you write down in your diary, you write as if you are trying to explain it to a friend, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on any details , would you?

Journaling is a cost-effective and easy way to sort through your life and relieve stress and anxiety. However, do remember: JOURNALING IS NOT REPLACABLE WITH THERAPY. You should prefer seeing your therapist if you need to.

Also, what may work for some people, it might now work for others. Therefore, if you think journaling is too “confronting” or it makes your condition worse, you do not have to do it. Your peace of mind comes first.

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