Hi there. Here we bring you some useful websites that will help you through your college life.

Moving from high school to college can be a challenging experience. As compared to high school, the workload in college increases exponentially. When you move from high school to college, you realize that with all the partying and fun also come deadlines and assignments. To top it all, college is also a time when students think about gaining financial stability and work experience for the future. Therefore, college students have to find suitable internships to enhance their skills and build a powerful resumé.

Sounds like a lot of work right?

It indeed is and with all the hard work college students put in, they tend to fall behind on an important area of life i.e.- health. The average sleep requirement of a college student is over 8 hours, while studies show that on average, college students receive only 5-6 hours of sleep. Now, sleep is an important part of our schedule and has a direct impact on our lives.

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We can’t take the load off your shoulders (we would be more than glad if it were possible), but we can suggest some websites to make your life easier.

Top 10 useful websites college students should know about

Here we bring you some websites that will help you through college

1. Wordhippo

WordHippo is a website, also available as an application that provides a variety of tools related to the use of words for creative and recreational purposes such as writing, poetry, translations, word games, etc.

word hippo website

However, you can also use this website when you fall short of fancy words that you might like to use while writing essays or assignments.

2. IcecreamApps

With covid-19 making the mode of education strictly online, assignments almost every student needs a bunch of apps to meet the deadlines.

ice cream apps website

Ice Cream Apps provides students the softwares to perform tasks like capturing screenshots, converting video formats, making slideshows, and all kinds of stuff that college students’ coursework requires.

3. PdfDrive

This website provides you with a plethora of ebooks for students. College textbooks can be quite expensive.

pdf drive website

In many colleges, the books change every semester and the students being already short of funds, are unable to spend money on buying textbooks. On pdf drive, you can download almost any textbook for free. This website will be very useful for those who prefer to use more than one book for reference.

4. Resoomer

If you prefer your information in precise form, Resoomer helps you summarize long texts. It could be used to summarize a long paper you have written or any long text you do not wish to read.

resoomer website logo

You can copy any length of the text and summarize it as per your convenience to analyze your text quickly.

5. Quizlet

This website provides you with flashcards and quizzes for whatever subject you study.

quizlet website

Since college students already have a lot of content to study, Quizlet provides handy flashcards for you to revise whatever you have learned.

6. Khan Academy

Usually, Khan Academy is recommended for high school students rather than college students. However, this website helps you brush up on your knowledge even in college.

khan academy logo

Khan Academy will offer you a personalized learning dashboard, videos, practice exercises, and a lot more resources for almost any subject, it could be Math, Science, English, computer programming, history, economics, and more for students of every grade, even kindergarten.

7. Internshala

Internships are an integral part of college life as it gives you an opportunity to analyze where they fit in the work culture.

internshala website logo

It provides students a platform to look for internships suited to their skills. Internships are very essential for students to gain experience and build their CV to apply for jobs.

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