Have you ever feel unmotivated or uninterested in doing things. Have you ever question yourself “what happens to me? Why can’t I feel anything?”. Well, that can be Apathy.
Apathy is defined as a loss of interest in relation to social or emotional situations. You can also say, apathy literally means “without feeling”. We will talk about What Is Apathy and How To Cure Apathy Psychologically.

Apathy literally is as like you are alive but dead inside. We all feel apathetic at some point in our life. Apathy is really dangers it can lead you to depression and extreme conditions lead to your suicide also. If you feel apathetic then you really lost yourself.

I can’t give you medical treatment but I can help you in a psychological way & also help you understand the root cause of it.

Let’s understand What is apathy?

So let’s start with the question “Why are you feeling apathetic?” And the answer is “you’ve lost hope”. Apathy really is giving up on yourself, giving up on your emotion, giving up on progress. At least when you are feeling sadness then you are feeling something. You are feeling sadness that fuels you to take action. But if you are apathetic then you feel nothing and it’s very very hard to move from nothing to something.

Maybe you hurt in the past or you failed at something or in some case childhood trauma and because of that you don’t wanna repeat that failure. You don’t wanna repeat how you had felt so you tell yourself to forget it, I’m not gonna feel anymore.

It’s basically saying that personal intrinsic fulfillment is not worth it anymore Or personal intrinsic fulfillment not possible anymore. In other words, happiness is not possible anymore, or feeling happy, feeling joy, feeling connected, feeling loved is not possible anymore.

You are losing that touch to intrinsic goals, your intrinsic value. It is because you are telling yourself that my goals, they don’t have value anymore, so there’s no point in achieving them or living them.

The Reason Behind Your Apathy

The reason you became apathetic is basically you see the world as too complex or too difficult to deal with. You see the external environment as a threat to your identity, a threat to you, and to guard yourself against it the simplest thing to do retreat back and tell yourself, I’m not gonna feel anymore.

This is easier than having to confront the world and go through the hardships of the world. Go through fear, go through pain, go through frustration that is a lot harder so what you do retreat back and tell yourself you know what it’s too hard to complicated.

So I’m going back to my shell and not gonna do anything and really what driving it is fear and shame. Fear and shame are the biggest Motivation or triggers of Apathy.

How To Cure Apathy Psychologically, and deal with it.

1. Self-Diagnose

Diagnosed yourself and find out the root cause. Question yourself, Why are you feeling apathetic? There could be many causes, Maybe you have dealt with a lot of rejection or Maybe there’s a thing you wanted the most but you are too afraid to confront it then you tell yourself “I’m not gonna do it.

It doesn’t matter and then you try to convince yourself, you did not need that thing you wanted the most.” you are running away from that fear instead of confronting that fear. So self diagnose yourself, find the problem that causes apathy.

Self Diagnose is the best way to treat apathy. In self diagnose, you learn to know yourself, and knowing yourself is the best way to treat any psychological disease.

2. Find Solutions

When you find the problem then find the solution for it and take action. For example, if you have social anxiety.

you are afraid of talking to people and also you know the problem but instead of finding a solution. You go and watch TV or YouTube… Whatever but never confront the problem. Basically you go back to the safe zone that you created in your mind.

If you want to overcome the apathy. You have to find a solution to the problem that causes apathy. Go back to the previous example if you have social anxiety then start to talk to people. Maybe you are too shy or too afraid to talk to people then find the other solutions and make a list of things that don’t work for you and things that do work. Work on those things that make your situation better.

3. Inject some novelty in your life

Get out of your comfort zone. challenge yourself to do things. Things that you never do or afraid to do. Try to make conversation with people, you’ve never talked before at work or school.

Start doing exercise daily, make some changes in your diet. Try new things, Go on a trip or take a walk in nature. Do whatever that gives you a new feel in life.

4. Declare War, Cure Apathy Psychologically

This is an extreme approach. If the self-acceptance, self-love approach is not worked for you then declare war on your apathy. You’ve to fight with yourself psychologically and You’ll have to talk to yourself, “Go to hell apathy. I’m gonna find happiness and fulfillment in my life and if I go through pain, sadness, anger, fear, frustration, loneliness to get that happiness. I’m gonna be doing it and you can never stop me ever again And I’m not afraid of you. You are stopping me from doing anything from my whole life. I rather feel sad, fear, discomfort but I can’t sit with you another day in my shitty comfort zone. So I declare war on you apathy. So I can say yes to my happiness, yes to my fulfillment, yes to a life well-lived.”

5. Find Your Life Purpose

This is the ultimate and long term solution for Apathy. There are many things that make your life purposeful but these things take time.

  • You should start writing. Write down what you love and List the things that you want or wanted to. Create a goal in life. It is easy to create a goal in life when you know what you love and what you wanted to do.
  • Create a routine and list the activities that lead you toward your goal. Finally, work on your goals. maybe you feel boring frustrating but you must keep your routine clear. It is hard and takes time but in the end, You can say, “It is worth it.”

Thanks for reading What Is Apathy And How To Cure Apathy Psychologically.

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