As the new year comes around, a lot of people start thinking about their New Year’s resolutions.

What better time would it be than the start of a new year?

It feels like the perfect time to make changes, cut down on alcohol, smoking, try a new hobby, hit the gym, or get a fresh start on studies this semester.

However, even though most people are enthusiastic in the beginning and seem to “get it all figured out”, by the time mid-January or the first week of February rolls around, you seem to give up on your resolutions and start getting back to how you used to be.

And as time passes you feel guilty about not being able to keep the promises you made to yourself and sometimes, to the people on social media as well.
Now, this is where we have you covered!

new year resolutions

5 New year resolutions you can make and easily follow

Here we have listed down some new year resolutions that do not require you to reschedule or go out (covid times), or even lift a finger for that matter. These new resolutions however do require you to make some emotional changes.

1. I will form and reinforce healthy boundaries without fear of judgement

Forming healthy boundaries is an essential part of life. A boundary, let’s say is like an imaginary line separating your physical space, needs, feelings, responsibilities etc. from other people. Your boundaries also let other people know how they can or cannot treat you.

What is acceptable to you and what is not.

In the absence of these boundaries, people may take advantage of you. More often than not, most people fail to enforce these boundaries giving in to the fear of being judged or losing a connection with that person.

2. I will take care of my mental health and rest when I am tired

Working is important and it is even necessary to achieve your goals. However, overworking is harmful and can cause more harm than good. Pushing yourself beyond your limit can have negative effects on your mind and body.

A lot of people think that taking breaks is a waste of time whereas the reality is quite the opposite. It is essential to pause and take a break for yourself to reduce stress and overall increase productivity. Not only you will see an improvement in your health but also in your work.

3. I will not engage in negative self-talk even as a joke

Over the years you must have seen how talking negatively about yourself has been generalised. What you do not know is that you are listening to yourself talk as well. Your brain cannot differentiate between when you are joking and when you are serious.

When you talk negatively about yourself repeatedly your subconscious internalises that statement and thus unknowingly you might even make it come true.

4. I will not use my phone late at night

Okay, contrary to what I said above, this one might require you to make a small change in your lifestyle. If you have read in one of our previous articles talking about sleep cycles and melatonin function, you should make it a habit to stop using your phone at least one hour before you go to bed.

The light that goes into your eyes fools the brain into thinking that it is daytime and thus
causes problems in the release of melatonin.

Melatonin is also known as the sleep hormone. It peaks when we are asleep and is also involved in providing us with immunity.

5. I will cut toxic people off my life

Now this one might sound obvious and might also be one of the hardest things to do as compared to the above-mentioned new year resolutions. However, it is about time you cut people out from your life who are doing more harm than good.

It could be friends who do not respect your boundaries or certain family members who keep demoralizing you or even a romantic partner who keeps putting you down.

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