There are times when you may feel like you have hit rock bottom and putting an end to it all may seem the easiest way out. There are times when the environment around you can feel like it’s draining out all your energy and the very thought of getting out of bed may feel painful. We will talk about the¬†ways to deal with Suicidal Thoughts and put an end to them.

You might not be looking forward to waking up and face the world for one more day, the very idea of it may feel very uncomfortable as the thought of ending your life may have crossed your mind a considerable number of times by now.

The more you think about it, the easier it seems and as your thoughts go on consuming your mind, the more convinced you get. However, now that you are on this blog, reading this article, there is one thing I can say for sure – you don’t want to go down that lane.

Now, here in this article, we have jotted down some suggestions for how to deal with suicidal thoughts. Things may not be looking very good right now but take it from someone who has been through a similar situation- things WILL get better.

Top 10 ways to deal with Suicidal Thoughts and put an end to them!

Take a Step Back and Think

Why are you even doing this? What went wrong? Sometimes, self-introspection can help sort out a lot. Just asking the right questions can help you clear things out with yourself first that can help you find out how to deal with suicidal thoughts.

Sometimes what we think is a big problem in our head may not be that big in real life. Sometimes, all it takes is some time and the right state of mind to take on things. We are all different people, what might be the end of the world for one person may not even be significant for the other.

Remember that Suicidal Thoughts are temporary

Most of the time, the suicidal crisis is temporary. At the time you might be feeling you have lost hope and there isn’t anything you can do about it. But remember, nothing is worth giving your life for.

Keep yourself away from things that can harm you

You might want to make sure you are away from things that you can use to harm yourself. It could be anything- razors, medication, alcohol, etc. Just make sure any of these things are not in your plain sight.

Realize that Suicidal Thoughts can happen with anyone

Yes, you are not alone. There are a lot more people who have dealt with or are dealing with these thoughts as you read this article. There are a lot of people in this world that you wouldn’t believe have faced this situation.

This is also a reason why such behavior goes unnoticed, for example, a student who- has top grades, is a star athlete, has supportive parents, and peers, can be depressed and exhibit suicidal behavior; Or say, an adult who has a promising career, can have these thoughts as well.

You need to realize that YOU control your thoughts, and it’s not your thoughts that control you. These problems can easily be solved through therapy.

Don’t just give up yet, Look for alternatives

Making rash decisions is never a good idea. As of now, what you could do is promise yourself not to do anything right away.

Take some time, like at least a week to think before you take any kind of drastic measure. Giving yourself time will help you cope with whatever it is that you are going through at the moment and help you come to terms with yourself.

Do not fall under the influence of drugs and alcohol

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT intoxicate yourself at this time. All this will do is blur your rational thinking process. Such influence may cause you to make decisions that you might regret later.

Do Not Isolate yourself, Ask for help in case of Suicidal Thoughts

Isolation will not help anyone. Leaving yourself alone with your thoughts is not a good idea as it seems. Talk to someone, preferably a therapist, they are experienced in handling such matters.

If therapy doesn’t seem like a viable option to you, you can always approach someone you trust, be it a parent/guardian, a friend, or a teacher, or some relative you might trust enough to help you through your problems.

Tell them exactly what you are feeling and how grave the situation is. If it is not possible for you to speak it out, then let them know by writing it down. But make sure you let someone know how you feel at the moment and allow them to help you out.

Find something to take care of

The point being, when you get something to take care of, you get a sense of purpose. It could even be a street dog or a plant.

The new sense of responsibility will give you a hint of how much you are wanted in this universe.

You could even visit an orphanage or an old age home where they could use a few extra hands for help. You can sign yourself up for an NGO where you could do volunteer work and help make this world a better place.

Think about what all you might miss out on

The world is a beautiful place and has myriads of things to offer. Before jumping to conclusions and making a permanent decision, think about the important events you might miss on.

You will see that there are a lot of wonderful things you might want to experience. There are a lot of things you are yet to see and experience, so don’t you think you should hang in there for a while?

Find out what makes you think that way

There is something for sure, that made you think about it. Finding out your triggers can be helpful in many ways. It can help you to figure out what exactly leads you to think like that in the first place. Find your triggers, look within.

Once you identify your triggers, you can prevent yourself from having those feelings. It may be a little difficult, but you will find your way around it.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes, but it is not okay to act upon thoughts like these. Recovery may take some time in case you are suffering from depression, schizophrenia, or anything else. Remember there are people to help you out.

In case you do not know who you can turn to for the help you can find the suicide hotline for your country at

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