Hi there. Now that you are here, I’m pretty sure you want to know how to concentrate on study in a noisy household.

The Covid-19 lockdown has forced almost everyone to work from home. With Schools and Universities being shut down, the students and teachers have been trying to continue the process of learning and teaching through the online mode.

Now, it’s all sunshine and rainbows only if you are a person who is an only child living with parents who mind their own business and do not bother you for household chores.


If you live in a household with one too many family members and have a bunch of siblings or cousins (yeah, you get the idea) running around, have members of your family assigning you random chores, while your teachers or professors keep piling up assignments then this article is just for you.

How to concentrate on study in a noisy household

Here we have brought you some tips you can follow to be able to concentrate when you are in a rather noisy environment that you cannot escape.

Limit the noise that  reaches you

You can do this by closing the doors and shutting the windows. If possible, isolate yourself in a room where you can study. You can get yourself some good quality headphones that can cancel the noise around you.

noise cancelling headphones

You can set the volume of the earphones or headphones at 50% or 60% (or whatever works) and tune into some nice music for better concentration. As for music, try listening to instrumental tracks- without lyrics or if you cannot do without lyrics, then try listening to something in a language that you do not understand. You can easily find playlists on Spotify.

Ask the family members for help

It is advisable to ask your family to not disturb you while you study. You can tell them how long you wish to study and ask them to not disturb you for that long. If you cannot do that for some reason, that is okay too.

Pick a time when your family members are busy

Every home has at least one time of the day when all or most of the family members are busy doing something else. Target that time, and make the most out of it. It could be early on the morning or late at night when everyone is asleep. However, it is recommended to not disturb your sleep cycle by much. An hour or two is good on regular days while you can make exceptions and sacrifice sleep close to exams.

Prioritize your tasks

Make a list or a time table for the topics you need to study. Sometimes, when living in such households, the little peaceful time we get can be very overwhelming and you might feel like you don’t know what to do. If you have exams coming up, you cannot afford to waste time like this. Make a list of topics you need to revise; write them down.

Read difficult topics frequently

Make casual reading a habit. Read the topics you find difficult as much as you can. Revision will help your memory of the subject stay fresh.

Remove any other distractions while studying

This is pretty obvious. When you only have limited time to study, it is better to make your workplace void of any distractions that can make you lose focus. Make sure you do not have your phone around when you have a book open in front of you, especially when you are short of time. Top 5 ways to improve focus and eliminate distractions

distracting thoughts

Sometimes you may even get a silent environment to study. You might even sit down to study, but, the thought train comes in and distracts you. You might be confused as to where to start, what to do.

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