We’re all blameworthy for not listening in at some point in our lives. We block others out while we’re viewing the TV, or attempting to focus on something we’re using. Here are a few reasons why you do not listen to your close ones.

These days, we make a decent attempt to perform multiple tasks among phone calls and messaging, yet definitely, that implies we’re not continually listening in to somebody who’s attempting to talk with us. We are so busy and distracted by the obstructions which are not letting us hear. Don’t form a barrier to listen to the one in front, change your attitude, and appreciate this life.

Being there in the present when a person is conversing with you can be a very rewarding experience, and often can enhance an existing relationship with friends, family, or close ones.

Few reasons why you do not listen to your close ones

  • Pre Conceived Truth

You take a dual position that you are right and the other person is wrong. You form preconceived notions and assumptions inside the head, also known as prejudgment, and act really one-sidedly. Don’t bound your communication to be in this right-wrong position.

  • Blaming the other person

You sometimes think that the problem is caused by the other person and you are not related at all so you blame them, but the reality is not solved by this blame game, you would end up satisfying your ego but now with more problems than good.

  • Playing the Victim Card

You feel sorry for yourself and think that other people are treating you unfairly because they are insensitive and selfish. That is really not the case, you don’t have to play the victim card here and listen to what the person in front is saying and then tackle it calmly with all perspectives in hand.

  • Defending yourself

You are so fearful of criticism that you cannot listen when someone shares anything negative or unacceptable. Instead of listening and evaluating the perceptions of an individual, you prefer to defend yourself and start digressing or even worsening the matter.

  • Sensitivity to when someone is correcting you

You are uncomfortable with the supervision and domineering persona in the front, therefore, you are being sensitive to understanding and listening because it makes you look inferior, but you never become inferior, if you listen and when it is to correct you.

  • Selfishness and Trustlessness

You want what you want when you want it, and you become confrontational or defiant when you do not get it. The absence of interest in what others are probably thinking and feeling is a barrier to listening.

The position of mistrust includes a fundamental belief that others will manipulate you if you listen to them. An absence of empathic understanding prevents you from listening to others.

  • Addiction to taking help from strangers

The tendency to look for or seek out solutions when others are hurt, frustrated, or angry is viewed as trying to be helpful or taking the help. You would end up not listening to your close ones but end up getting confused.

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