Hello, everyone. From life you must have learned that it has its ups and downs, you have to face with those down days of pain, it is just like the weather, it will eventually change for good. Here is How to Deal with Different Types of Emotional Pain. Pain is an inevitable part of life, you just have to face that phase and it will go.

You don’t have to hold onto the pain, neither ignore it, just face it directly, and it will pass soon. Rather than becoming mired in emotional self-doubts, worry, and sadness, you can take actions that will help you see the world, and yourself, in a more positive light. If these too don’t work at all then you might consult a professional expert.

How to Deal with Different Types of Emotional Pain

  • Wounds caused by rejection

Whether someone stops answering your calls, a lover breaks your heart, someone unfriends you on Facebook, or your work buddies ditch you, even if was unintentional, it hurts. You may become angry at them, yourself, or the world in general. Even if the rejection is a small one, it can be enough to cause you to question your self-worth.

Don’t accept self-criticism, rebuild your self-worth by focusing on your strengths, find other people to fill the void, and desensitize yourself to the pain of future rejection through practice bouts in which you set yourself up for mild rejections that you can readily overcome.

  • Weaknesses and loneliness

People can become lonely at times. The more lonely you become, the more it becomes difficult for you to get new people to contact with or even the old ones. You have to check the specific cause of your loneliness. Try to be positive, you will find someone. Prepare arguments to counter your self-doubt arguments.

  • Trauma and Stress

Distress is a natural emotion that results when someone close to you dies or you suffer a traumatic experience involving your own safety. Some people seem to have a natural resilience, however, or at least an ability to recover that they develop over the course of their lives.

The experience of loss also shatters your assumptions about the world, making you realize that it’s not as safe a place as you once thought. It may be too early for you to see the meaning of the loss for your life and your future; instead, you may be better able to recover by giving yourself more time to heal and just forgetting the past.

  • The toxic effect of guilt

In guilt, you essentially are the source of your own unhappiness. Guilt can be adaptive when it shows you where you’ve strayed from your own moral compass. However, just as often as not, it’s unhealthy. Winch describes the three types of unhealthy guilt as unresolved, survivor, and separation. For more on guilt check here.

  • Overthinking gives Emotional Pain

Going over and over to the unpleasant or disappointing experiences in your life, whether real or imagined, takes a toll on your well-being. Like a wound that you pick at over and over again, it will leave a permanent mark unless you learn how to stop.

When people tease you or try to make you feel low, reframe things so that you see their jabs as motivational fuel for your own self-improvement.

  • Anticipating future failure

You’ve probably experienced and got a theme by now running through the situations most likely to cause pain. When you’re stopped in your ability to reach a goal, your self-esteem is bound to take a hit.

Replacing anxiety, fear, and sadness with humor is another excellent way to cope with real or imagined failures.

  • Low self-esteem

Having low self-esteem can certainly result from a number of threats to your emotional health that we’ve already seen. However, once your self-esteem starts to dip, it can become a self-continuing process.

Finally, build up your mental reserves by practicing mindfulness, exercising your willpower “muscles,” and accepting the fact that occasional lapses and failures interfere with your best-will efforts. You have to be positive always.

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