How to solve Arguments with Closed Ones in Lockdown

Hello, everyone. It is the lockdown season and everybody is busy in some of the other work but everyone is at home, and more the people more the opinions will differ and so will be greater arguments. So here is How to solve Arguments with Closed Ones in Lockdown.

Being in the lockdown phase has put tensions on the relationship with your partner. Even though as more things open up and you can get a little space, you may feel a reflexive pull to argue whenever you have any disagreement, and that is quite a weird issue in humans.

With stress so high during this pandemic, the way people are approaching conflicts is damaging relationships more than any other thing. What’s needed is a change in perspective and technique to tackle the situation.

How to solve Arguments with Closed Ones in Lockdown

There can only be 4 possible outcomes of the crux of things which lead to an argument.

  1. You are right and your partner is wrong.
  2. Your partner is right and you are wrong.
  3. Your partner and you are both right.
  4. Your partner and you are both wrong.

Either way, there cannot be any other option except these. So you have to figure it out logically and rationally and surely without being biased. You have to see the argument with all of the above four perspectives and you don’t need to agree with any perspective but rather just understand them.

Whatever the subjective truth maybe there should be a realization, that greater realization might be that your emotional connection is what you value most. With this in mind, ask yourself if knowing who is right is worth the price of losing that connection. Is it really worth it? Winning the argument won’t take you anywhere.

You have to think all of that and see the perspective of partner, as you both are anxious due to the current situation of the world. You might begin to appreciate how their tension informs their opinions and reactions. And it can also help you to keep your focus on the relationship.

Ultimately, it is the caring connection between you two that you want to nurture, survive, and sustain – no matter who wins the argument. You don’t have to react but rather analyze the situation and then tackle it calmly.