Hello, everyone. Here are those things you need to check before buying a smartphone. It is common that people keep on asking about this topic almost every time they are about to purchase a new smartphone, like what should I buy? What should I see in it? What all things are necessary? Why a durable choice is important? Don’t worry we have got you covered.

Do the research first. Check if a certain phone meets the below-mentioned criteria and your budget, then compare prices online, read reviews from trusted sources like Amazon, and visit local stores for a hands-on experience if needed. Don’t get fooled by big promotions or special sales.

Smartphones these days have become an integral part of our lives. We use them for communication, taking pictures, saving documents on the cloud, internet browsing, and many other factors. But due to so many smartphones in the market, we often get confused about what to buy?

Things you need to check before buying a smartphone

Don’t rush into a new smartphone purchase. There are many things to consider when buying a new smartphone. First, understand what features you need the most in a smartphone, as it can vary or change dramatically from person to person.


Specifications include the features a phone will provide at its maximum, it may include:

  • Battery
  • Memory, Storage
  • Camera
  • Display
  • Operating System
  • Processor
  • ​Audio/speakers
  • Headphone jack/USB port
  • Other features

Build quality:

The build is all about the durability of a smartphone. The entire handset market is largely divided into two types of builds – metal and plastic.

There are some that even have glass-coated panels, but those are very limited. If you are one of those prone to dropping your smartphone, it’s advisable to go for a metal or a plastic built handset.

After-sale Service Availability:

This is a major factor, maintenance cost should not be too high plus it should not breakdown very often, the aftersale service should be really excellent and must be available near your home. The brand should be a trustable one in terms of this.

Durability Factor:

Almost people don’t change their smartphone for at least 3-4 years, so you must check reviews about the particular handset’s durability on the internet.

Resale Factor:

It should be the case that if you are investing so much money in the smartphone it must have some value after 2 years of use even after wear tear depreciation, it must give you good resale value.


The manufacturer must provide the latest operating system updates at least up to 3 years, always check a brand’s reputation for providing major patch updates before buying a new smartphone.


Most smartphones these days have started coming with extra security features such as fingerprint sensors or even iris or face detection sensors. These are not just to lock/unlock a handset but as a password to access certain files, documents, or apps.

It’s preferable to buy a smartphone with these extra security features since most of us have personal information on our handsets these days. And also make sure the company does not spy on their systems, you must check reviews. There must be the latest security updates every month.

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