I will be very clear with the terms and what I mean to say in actuality. So this is Why delaying self-gratification is important for long term goals. Self-gratification means the indulgence or satisfaction of one’s own desires. In my eyes, the definition of maturity is the ability to delay self-gratification in favor of more important long-term goals.

One of the big reasons why people cheat is An Oversized Need for Self-Gratification (ignoring long term goals). Sure, these things feel nice, but you have larger and more important concerns and you should be able to delay your own gratification to meet those concerns.

This is called “maturity.” It’s called “being an adult.” It’s called “not a life ruiner”.

Studies show that delayed gratification is one of the most effective personal traits of successful people.

People who learn how to manage their need to be satisfied at the moment thrive more in their careers, relationships, health, and finances than people who give in to it.

Instant gratification often manifests as procrastination. It’s a form of self-life sabotage where you get caught up indulging in the temptations of life at the cost of your long-term goals.

self gratification

True happiness, according to Aristotle, is about developing habits and surrounding yourself with people who grow your soul. This allows you to move towards your greatest potential. True happiness entails delaying short term pleasures and putting in the time, discipline, and patience required to achieve a goal instead of feeling good now.

If you still struggle with Instant Self Gratification here are the Tips to improve:

  • Know What You Want

You have to decide what you want, what is necessary, and what is not, otherwise, you will be stuck in this temptation loop forever and you won’t grow ever.

  • Identify Potential Obstacle Temptations and distract from that

The more difficult you make accessing and indulging in temptations, the more likely you are to stay focused and on-task when problems inevitably arise.

  • Build a support network

You have friends and family, talk to them, indulge in some activity with them, or do something to have a support network, but beware it should only be a support network, not the one increasing temptations.

  • Set some rules for your betterment, focus on the bigger picture

If you would not decide on rules for making yourself better and not follow them you will lose the bigger picture, you will lose the game of life, so here you have to decide what is better for you.

  • Reward yourself for good progress

Give yourself a pat on the back and some good rewards when you are doing good progress, it helps in the motivation and keeps the plan going.

  • Learn from experience in the past

You must have experienced the same things in the past, focus to bring that consequential feeling you had and again try to overcome that using that feeling, you know that is gonna have bad consequences, know when to stop.

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