Top 10 Tips on how to be a good mentor to your students

Hello, everyone. Any person can be a mentor if you develop certain skills and techniques to tackle everything with a calm mind. Especially experiences and life lessons give valuable insight too. These skills shall grow slowly over time.

To maintain the interest of students and to make them learn throughout is a difficult task but you would be able to accomplish this if you follow some tips below. Here are the Top 10 Tips on how to be a good mentor to your students. Generally, you need expert guidance to tackle mentorship.

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Top 10 Tips on how to be a good mentor to your students

  • Show them, don’t tell

When you show people something, they’re much more likely to buy into it. When you’re reading a book, this is called “suspending your disbelief”.

  • Don’t use sarcasm

If they arrive at the conclusion on their own behalf then they’re much more likely to take that conclusion seriously. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference it makes to ask “do you think that’s a good idea?” instead of saying “that’s not a good idea.”

  • Listen to your students

The ability to properly listen to people is a skill that not everyone has, but it’s also one that can be worked on and developed. You have to listen to what others speak very carefully.

  • Go outside your comfort zone

The best mentors are those who are inherently curious about everything around them. You have to keep learning throughout and be the best of yourself, never settle for things.

  • Be responsible

When you’re mentoring someone, you’re taking on a certain amount of responsibility. You have to be the one who prioritizes them.

  • Set up events to Socialize

Creating social events, other events and cross-pollinating by introducing the person you’re mentoring to your professional contacts can have benefits for everyone involved, it can become a good network, and it can also do you the world of good because if deals are made then you’ll be seen as the person who facilitated them.

  • Set up Small Short term and Long term goals

There’s no point just telling someone to do something because they’re not going to get the motivation to do so unless they see the point of it.

  • Ask Feedback from your students

It is necessary to get feedback from students to ask for what they like, what are their comforts, and what method of teaching they like and also what is easier for them to grasp.

  • Give Motivation

You have to continuously keep them motivated with various techniques and examples because it is the key for them to be successful in achieving their goals and you to be a successful mentor.

  • Act as a support

Always act as a support to them, generally, people listen to the ones that support them in their problems and difficult times, be their moral support and troubleshooter.

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